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Class Descriptions

Cardio Mix:       
A moderate level total body workout performed to music that can be modified for all fitness levels. 

Lite Fitness:   
Beginner level fitness class for strength, balance, endurance and flexibility.  Participants will use therabands, balls, hand weights, hand weights, mats and chairs.  Great for those just starting or returning to exercise after injury or illness.

Aqua Exercise:
Takes place in our 4ft. deep heated lap pool and is appropriate for all fitness levels.  Foam dumbbells, noodles, and kickboards are used to provide a total workout that is gentle on the joints.  You do NOT need to be a swimmer to participate

Gentle warm-up movements and yoga-based stretches that can be modified for all fitness levels. Exercises are performed standing or sitting on mats with the use of chairs or blocks for additional support.

Functional Strength:
Easy to follow strengthening and balance exercises to improve your ability to perform daily activities with ease.

Pilates & Core:
This mat based class focuses on strengthening the core muscles with emphasis on proper body alignment and stability.  Proper breathing and stretching included.  Ideal class for beginners.

Small Group Fitness & Nutrition Coaching
w/ Carol Penfield, Nurse Practitioner. A group of 3-4 exercising under the guidance of Carol Penfield, a Nurse Practitioner, certified personal trainer, experienced fitness coach and nutritionist.  When individuals exercise in a small group they try harder and stay accountable.

Specialty Classes:

Row & Go
with Barb Howard
and Interval Row with Pam Smith:
Have fun on the Concept-2 Rower as you participate in this high calorie low impact class.  Easy on the knees and ankles you will work up a great sweat while relieving stress and improving your aerobic fitness.

with Sally Moore

Proven to improve balance and inner strength, easy to follow progression of slow movements. Beginners and intermediates are welcome.                                                                                           

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